so you know how i rail against bullshit specialty ingredients?  there is one exception, because this ingredient is pure magic.  (hence the filter.)

nutritional yeast – or ‘nooch’ as it is affectionately known – is a vegan’s best friend.  yeah yeah, i also said that about roux.  shut up.  LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

take a good long look at those gorgeous, b12-fortified flakes of wonder.

if you’re looking for cheesy, nutty, or just plain savoury, you’re looking for nooch.  trying to make a white sauce?  nooch.  need something to sprinkle over pasta or baked potatoes?  don’t bother faffing about making some blended-cashew parmesan-like horror, just use nooch.  want your b vitamins in delicious edible form?  eat some nooch. …and maybe also a multivitamin.

i get my nooch off evil corporate amazon, but your local organic/fancypants shoppe might have some too.  when i run out and amazon hasn’t delivered my crack nooch yet, i have to call the only organic shop in my town in advance to make sure they have it, cos every desperate local vegan swarms there like locusts to consume their nooch stock as soon as they replenish and oftentimes they’ll have run out.  in which case i have to fly into a rage and destroy their shop cook something else for awhile until my amazon order comes in the post.