things i have learned in the past year

i logged in to write this and found that someone had actually left a comment on my ostroveganism post!  an actual person, who reads my site, and not a spam robot!  so with that extra incentive, i thought i would actually update this blog, given that we’re all in quarantine yaaay.

jhonier, this one’s for you lol.

1) i suuuck at keeping a blog.  just suuuck at it.  i have about a dozen blogs i’ve let die over the decades, all about completely different things, and i’m shit at branding.  so for real guys, don’t expect me to suddenly turn into freelee and actually update in a timely manner.  (also sorry for making you think of freelee.)

2) you can revert back to a wordpress URL!!  i really, really wish i’d known this sooner, because i’ve lost sites by not paying for URL renewal and if you’re going through a lean month and then find that you’ve given your fun money to wordpress it is sad.

health stuff:

3) ostroveganism is actually kinda hard to keep up if you’re not actually living near an ocean.  though we intend to move near an ocean sometime soon, ethically sourcing – and affording – rope-grown oysters and mussels in a landlocked city is a fucking drag.  so i’ve had to find other ways to get iron into my kids, including a spray i did for awhile that they both hated so much.  but!  i’ve found a pretty good method:

4) GO AND PURCHASE A LUCKY IRON FISH GUYS, IT’S A GAME-CHANGER.  they sell them on amazon, you just dunk it in the boiling water you’re using for pasta/soups/stews/sauces/etc for ten minutes and the thing you’re cooking is INFUSED WITH IRON.  IT IS GREAT.  WE LOVE YOU IRON FISH.  also it’s a relief because sneaking mussels into my kids’ food was a fucking headache.

and now for the sexy juicy stuff you came for, cooking thingies:


6) you can actually fuck off buying nooch altogether, because you can replace it in most recipes with a large spoonful of [yeast extract] and a pinch of sugar.  btw this means you can ACTUALLY MAKE WHITE SAUCES WITH SWEETENED PLANT MILK, which is a fucking game changer when idiot carnists are panic-buying all your milk.

7) if you’re making a recipe that calls for both sugar and tomato paste, eg mushroom bourguignon, you really can just add ketchup.  fight me.

8) i recently acquired sourdough starter from a neighbour – she placed it on the pavement before me and i bent to pick it up, as though either one of us or the substance itself was hazardous – and i fucking love it so much.  i’ve been adapting this sourdough recipe, and it tastes amazing every time especially when i let it ferment as long as possible to get that incredible, tangy sour taste.  too bad i’m now having trouble finding flour, because of The Pestilence(TM).

9) harina de maiz isn’t the same thing as masa harina, and the time to find that out is not when you’re in the middle of attempting to make tamale pie.  (don’t worry though all you have to do is add boiling water instead of cold.)

10) if you want to make schnitzel, combine minced onion, mushrooms, your favourite kind of nut (except not peanuts ffs), and some kind of bean with a bit of flour and veg stock, then roll around in some breadcrumbs and fry like a pancake.  just sayin’.

i’m sure there’s other stuff i’ve learned in the past year, but i can’t be bovvered.  anyways i might post here more.  i also might not, iunno.

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