fad food: hot dogs


i blame waitrose.

there’s a waitrose near the aldi i always shop at, and one day, in a quest for vegan quorn (which ended up not being that amazing anyway, any suggestions for using up the second bag in my freezer would be helpful), i stopped in.

normally i don’t shop at posh bullshit places like waitrose, but as it turns out they’re really really good for finding specialty vegan products! i suppose that’s one benefit to associating the word ‘vegan’ with ‘posh’.

anyways in addition to the quorn i found flavoured tofu (not necessarily big enough packets to justify the price though), swedish glace chocolate covered ice cream lollies, salted caramel coyo coconut yogurt that seriously TASTED LIKE CHEESECAKE Y’ALL, and a packet of vegan franks.

oh, no. the obvious next purchase was finger rolls. no, no, no.

eldest son LOVES hot dogs. we blasted through that packet of franks and due to cheapness and laziness reverted back to linda mccartney sausages. dm;hhd.

after a couple dogs with just ketchup and squeezy american-style mustard, i rediscovered the homemade cucumber pickles in the fridge. a couple days later came the dessicated fried onion in the cupboard. husband couldn’t find finger rolls yesterday so bought white hamburger-style rolls instead. DON’T CARE HOT DOGS.

i’m now at the point where i’m talking myself down from a hot dog for breakfast, like a wino reasoning with herself that so long as the pinot doesn’t come out until the afternoon it’s socially acceptable to day drink by yourself.

…hot dogs are allowed to come out after 10am.

giving myself a week before i attempt a detox.

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