fad food: bagels


so this is the first post in a new series about the various foods i’m binge-eating at the moment.

i’m not a fad eater in the sense that i go on popular diets, but i am the kind of person who eats one thing obsessively for about two weeks, with the recipe getting more and more complex and wonderful until i have achieved culinary perfection, and then doesn’t eat it again for a year.  i am currently doing this with bagels.

it started innocently enough.  husband brought home bagels for our eldest son, who excitedly ate one.  i suddenly had the idea to go to holland and barrett, to pick up some vegan soft cheese to spread on one.  it only went downhill from there.

from a simple toasted bagel with cream cheese, it evolved into cream cheese plus sliced tomato, salt and pepper, then tofurkey slices became involved, then a red onion came into the picture, then i found radishes in my fridge…yeah.  i’m now on three fully loaded deli-style bagels a day.  help.

i’ve just sent my husband out for capers.  nothing good can come of this.

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